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Home Automation

We at Buildwell strongly believe that automation, and motorization of home d├ęcor should be no longer be an
exclusive luxury, yet one that is affordable.

Home Automation

Being a leading Home Automation solutions provider in India, Buildwell Motor offers comprehensive Home Automation services in Delhi and NCR for residential houses, commercial properties as well as Industrial Level Home Automation solutions including security, lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, heating as well as appliance control which helps in the effective and efficient management of energy and thus help in improving your standard of living and making the world a better place.

With our Home Automation systems are available for all types of houses, varies from small flats to big bungalows and under all types of budgets. We can integrate our Home Automation system in the existing infrastructure of your home without any changes or harm to it.

The sayings like home automation systems can only be installed at the time of construction of the house are just myths. The complete home automation system can be controlled through a remote controller that we will provide you or it can also be controlled with a Smartphone app.