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Motorised Blind

We at Buildwell strongly believe that automation, and motorization of home décor should be no longer be an
exclusive luxury, yet one that is affordable.

Motorized Roller Blinds Solution

BM motorized blinds are top-notch quality remote control blinds in India. Motorized roller blinds are mainly applied to windows to shelter the strong sunlight and cold air getting into a room. It is driven by AC or DC tubular motors for blinds (automatic roller blinds motor) with an intelligent remote control system, changing the manual operation to motorization.

For some small size side by side window, with the joint components, one motor is able to group drive multiple blinds up and down to achieve the most comfortable indoor light, and the most efficiency to reduce the error operation and project cost. In some smart buildings, it is connected to building master system for center and remote control.





Features of Motorized Roller Blinds:

  • Driven by AC or DC motor,
  • Low noise, precise mechanical limit position,
  • Various motor types for different size of blinds,
  • Put the rail at sides to fully keep the sunshine outside,
  • For roof blinds or irregularity blinds using the guide rail or lead wires,
  • Option of blackout fabric, sunshine fabric, etc.


Motorized Roman Blinds Solution

Motorized roman blinds or pleated blinds, fabric sample folded, ventilate and cool are very suitable to be used for residential housing. These motorized roman blinds simplify the traditional complicated manual system, operated by remote control system and are more convenient and simpler installation.

Features of Roman Blinds:

  • Driving: Driven by BM35, BM45 Tubular motor, used various sizes of roller tubes and fabrics according to the window height to achieve perfect sun protection,
  • Wave type and pleated type roman blinds,
  • Various smart controls (including remote control blind solution).


Motorized Shangri-La Blinds Solution

Motorized Shangri-La blinds, unique textures of fabric, good light transmitting and not color faded. In the middle, the polyester fiber cloth is connected with surface and back soft fabrics. These two kinds of fabric contribute to translucent and sun-shading. It is popularly applied to villa, hotels, office window, etc. It is the best choice for privacy and light control application.

Features of Shangri-La Blinds:

  • Two kinds of fabrics contribute to translucent and sun-shading,
  • TTurn the inner polyester fiber to adjust indoor ray,
  • Can be fully hide in the cassette box,
  • Unique texture fabric, good light.


Motorized Zebra Blinds Solution

Motorized zebra blinds or motorized rainbow blinds were named as such, as it has two colors of fabrics and give the looks of the skin of the Zebra. It was an interval weaved by same width cloth fabric and silk fabric; fixed on one side, and rolling on the other side along with the roller tube to adjust the light; the silk fabric overlapped to effectively reduce the direct sunlight; the cloth fabric overlapped to block out sunlight.

Features of Zebra Blinds:

  • Close fabric and silk fabric woven interval,
  • Free to change the indoor light as you like,
  • Can fully hide in the cassette box.


Motorized Honeycomb Blinds Solution

Cellular blinds, also called honeycomb blinds, it is an inspiration from the most perfect architectural “Honeycomb Design”, featuring a honeycomb design which provides insulation, creating a more comfortable room climate, and it increases energy efficiency. Also the anti-UV and thermal insulation material effectively prevent home appliance aging from sunlight.

Motorized honeycomb blinds provide the latest technology in window treatments for maximum convenience and comfort. The motors in motorized honeycomb shades are operated by remote controls, switches, timers and sensors. These options allow you to control your shade quickly and with ease, making motorized honeycomb a perfect solution for large or out-of-reach windows.

Features of Honeycomb Blinds:

  • Honeycomb design with outstanding performance for insulation and sound absorption,
  • Privacy and easy to control natural light,
  • Adopt small size DC motor with lower noise,
  • Low-power design; able to be powered by battery or solar,
  • Operated by BM remote controls for smart operation.


Motorized Venetian Blinds Solution

Horizontal venetian blinds, according to the material are divided into the aluminum venetian, wood venetian, Bamboo venetian and many other types, installed inside the room or between two glasses, warmly, nature and inviting, a classic combination that can make a room feel instantly more comfortable as well as more functional. It is widely applied to the office windows, house bedrooms, villas, etc. with an advantage to keep privacy from outside, but indoor has good viewing of outside.

Motorized wood blinds can be the best of both worlds – the natural warmth of venetian blinds with the convenience of motorized operation. With motorized wood blinds, the remote control changes the tilt of the blinds to change the level of light allowed in. Remote controls can operate a single wood blind or a group all at once.

Features of Venetian Blinds:

  • Choices of aluminum slats, wood slats with various colors,
  • Freely adjust the slats to better control indoor light,
  • Operated by BM remote controls for smart operation,
  • Easy to install and operate, with reliable performance,
  • Option of AC or DC motor according to the window electricity layout.


Motorized Aluminum Venetian Blinds Solution

Outdoor aluminum venetian blinds use Almg3 alloy slats, with the glazed lacquer painting process, the blinds raise up and lower down and tilt to adjust indoor ray and achieve heat insulation through its special rope winding system. It is installed out of the window, which effectively reduce 95% indoor energy consumption. Motorized Outdoor Aluminum Venetian Blinds is mainly applied to office building, residential house, villas etc.

Features of Aluminum Venetian Blinds:

  • Sun-shading and thermal insulation,
  • Tilting to adjust the light level of slat to control natural light inside,
  • Easy to clean and operate,
  • Prevent furniture aging from the sunlight,
  • Inside motor square type, invisibly built into the head rail,
  • With option of mechanical limit and electronic limit,
  • Stop on the block, soft start and soft stop,
  • Emergency stop button for security purpose,
  • Waterproof design, IP65 protection level.


Motorized Outdoor Roller Blinds Solution

Installing outdoor sun shades can significantly reduce cooling costs in your home and create a pleasant atmosphere for your patio, deck and sunroom. Outdoor shades are made with solar shade fabric that stops the sun’s heat before it strikes your window, reducing heat transfer and keeping your home or business cooler. Exterior solar shades and patio door blinds also reduce glare and help block damaging UV rays without losing your view. It is mainly applied in office buildings, residential houses, villas, etc.

Features of Outdoor Roller Blinds:

  • More effective to heat insulation,
  • Outdoor blinds type: Roller Blinds with Guide Rail, Arm Blinds with Guide Rail,
  • Various Controls: Radio Control, Switch Control, Timer and Sensor Intelligent Control, Center Control, etc.,
  • Outdoor Blinds require stricter in the motor performance, precision and stability,
  • Wide selection of motor types and functions.



Motorized projection screen, integrated with audio and visual system, speaker, etc. is widely applied to education, conference, business and home cinema. As it was indoor usage, it has strict requests on the noise, the silent motor inside is necessary, for precise display, the motor should have the precise limit position.

Now simply press a button and get cool shade and protection instantly. Make your home more energy efficient by installing window awnings over your sunny windows.

Features of Projection Screen:

  • Quiet run, precise display,
  • Applied to education, conference, business and home cinema,
  • arious smart controls, e.g. remote control, switch control, center control etc.



As the automation is getting more and more popular, the projector is widely applied for conference systems. The traditional projectors hang on the ceiling and height is adjusted manually. To simplify its application and installation, the motorized projector lift is developed, with the intelligent control system, which enables it to open and close the projector lift and projection screen automatically by turning on or off the projector.

Features Motorized Projector Lift:

  • Size and height can be customized as required,
  • Adopt a low noise motor, quiet and smooth run,
  • Can be hide into the ceiling when stop working,
  • Various smart controls, remote control, switch control, center control etc.



The motorized clothes rack is the new choice of drying clothes. Designed with creative and innovative technology, this is the reason for lower electricity bills, more working space and efficient drying of clothes in all seasons. Motorized clothes rack makes the change to hang up your laundry with a simple remote control.

Features Motorized Clothes Rack:

  • Moving up-down with ease, remote control from 30 meters,
  • Space saving design, electric clothes airer can be easily installed on the ceiling, fluorescent lamps, natural airing cross flow fan and small disinfection UV lights included,
  • Unique designed roller prevents wire separation from routine chores,
  • The super strong motor takes a 35kg load of spun-dry washing,
  • Overloading, over voltage, over current, and over-heated safe protection,
  • Auto stops when drying rod meets an obstacle during descent.