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Motorised Curtain

We at Buildwell strongly believe that automation, and motorization of home décor should be no longer be an
exclusive luxury, yet one that is affordable.


The BM silent curtain motor is usually used for large size curtains. Because of our ambitious believe that home automation should not remain a luxury in India, we have kept the prices of automatic curtains and curtain motors very competitive. With our competitive motorized curtain prices and top of the class quality, our curtain automation services are considered one of the best in India. With exquisite craft and elegant appearance, it is the best fashionable choices for hotels, conference rooms, business centers and modern homes. BM curtain motor support a variety of excellent features, including automatic limit setting, soft start and soft stop, super silent design, etc. and it has a number of patents. BM curtain is not simply to provide a solution to sun shading, thermal insulation, glare or privacy; we create a relaxed, comfortable and convenient living environment.






  • Flexible, Super Silent Design – Builtwell Silent motor uses three patented silent technology:

      -Running noise is as low as 30db,

      -A world leading smart design, and

      -Flexible soft start and soft stop make the curtain run lighter and quieter.

  • Third Limit Position – Beside the running journey limit position, you could also set the third limit position anywhere within the journey. Manage the natural light according to your personal preference. Create a comfortable living environment.
  • Light Touch Start – Slightly pull the curtain more than 5cm in one direction in the energized state. The curtain will automatically open and close as you wish.
  • Stop On Block – When the curtain meets the physical block, it will stop automatically to protect the motor and the curtain.
  • Group Connection – Standard RS232/485 plug supports group connection control; each motor could connect to an extra manual switch or connect to computer group control.
  • Automatic Limit Setting – Automatically set the stop position and motor will record the running journey itself. It always knows where to slow down near the limit position in case hit the other components making noise and it could remember the journey during outage.
  • Fabric Rebound Journey Correction – When the fabric rebounds a little due to compression, the motor will record the position as the new limit position automatically. The curtain looks natural and more beautiful.
  • External Manual Switch – Built-in mechanical clutch structure; the curtain is allowed to manually operate during the outage.
  • Speed Adjustable – The motor has a speed adjust button; you could adjust the running speed according to your application.
  • Various Control Options – You could choose wireless, wired or RS232/485 communication according to your actual use; wide range of application.



The motorized lift curtain system is mainly applied to compound-floor buildings with height built window, not easy to clean fabric and hand operation. Using the motorized lift curtain system you can freely raise and lower the curtain by remote, more conveniently.

The motorized lift curtain system is composed of motorized roman blinds and motorized curtain. The motorized roman blinds are able to lift up and lower down the curtain system, and one system able to lift one to three curtain systems, it is possible to make straight and curve system according to the building.

Features of Automatic Lift Curtains:

  • Easy to change and operate,
  • Suitable for middle and height windows,
  • Quite design, limits auto setting,
  • Both touch control and manual operate,,
  • Stop by block,
  • Group connection via RS485 for center control,
  • Applied to house, hotel, villa, meeting room etc.



Motorized stage curtain is mainly applied for opening and closing the large stage curtains, widely used in auditoriums, meeting rooms, opera houses, hotels, stadiums etc. Design with multiple protection systems, simple structure with reliable performance.

Features of Automatic Stage Curtains:

  • Use BM belt drive motor, smaller size with heavy force,
  • Electronic limit, easy to set and programming,
  • Option to wire with external limit switch,
  • Duel groove aluminum track, smooth run with lower noise,
  • Able to joint more tracks for different length stage,
  • Manual control, IR and RF control, Timer control, also can connect with center system for remote control.



Motorized folded roof curtain, with double smooth, connected track system and silent curtain motor is mainly applied to the glass curtain wall of buildings to realize the sun-shading and thermal insulation. Available for roof in horizontal, inclined and even round roof application, can perfect match with building design.

Features of Rail Type Folded Roof Curtains:

  • Applied to the curved/inclined/horizontal glass roof,
  • Glare elimination and reduce energy consumption,
  • According to the roof size, able to use 2 or 4 motors in the group,
  • Various smart control options such as radio control, switch control center control, etc.
  • The minimum radius of curve track is 350mm, should be measured before installation.