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Motorized Roller Shutter

We at Buildwell strongly believe that automation, and motorization of home décor should be no longer be an
exclusive luxury, yet one that is affordable.


Buildwell is a top shutter motors provider in India. Roller shutter is the most popular application for outdoor window shades in the area with hot summer and cold winter, as it has function of heat and noise insulation, with the great advantage of saving energy by its aluminum alloy slat or aluminum foaming slat. It is mainly used for the residential house, villa, office building etc.

Motorized roller shutter, driven by intelligent remote control operated electronic shutter motor is freely automated open and close window shutter has more function than an automated set and memory limit position, stop and rebound by obstacles, frost protection, 6 limits programmable etc.

Features of Motorized Roller Shutters:

  • Energy saving: Motorized roller shutter installed outside the window, almost completely stop the heat getting into the room during summers and maintain indoor temperature in winter time. It is the most effective way to reduce room power consumption,
  • Withstand hurricane and storm, suitably applicable to the coastal area,
  • Heat insulation & sound insulation, enhance daily life quality,
  • Functional and smart operation, such as automate set memory and limit, obstacle, frost protection etc.



AC127 handheld radio emitter with fashion and elegant appearance, nice holding and has transmit distance which is more than 120m. Working with BM Radio Receiver and electronic motor for automated and operations, brings end user more quality living with everything in on your hand.

Features of Hand-Held Emitters:

  • Simple trend design,
  • Luxurious Piano Lacquer surface treatment, honorable and elegant,
  • Acrylic face panel with high hardness, no scratch and flawless looking,
  • Magnet mounting holder, easy to install,
  • White and black color, suit to various decorations,
  • No screws on the products, easy to replace battery,
  • Lower power loss design, battery last 2-3 years.